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The Durasport Series

The Durasport Series Inspiration comes with a variety of options. Strong Spas’ Durasport line represents durable, rotationally molded resin portable spas, offering luxury in a wide array of styles, sizes and features.

With a spa from our Durasport line, you’ll enjoy powerful hydrotherapy, beautiful water and lighting features, luxurious options and the peace of mind that owning a Strong Spa brings.

Therapy Features
• Acoustical therapy from water features
• Massaging water jet therapy
• Micro bubble massage therapy
• Aurora light therapy

All Spas models shown on our website are exclusive to dealers only. You will not find these on Amazon, Ebay or Costco.

The TitanTM HardCover

The only cover you’ll ever need!
The patent-pending Titan HardCover is molded from durable, color- coordinating resin, which is able to withstand the harshest of environments while providing the highest degree of safety, along with a unique energy-saving insulation method. The Titan HardCover is molded hollow, then filled with a proprietary formulation of insulating foam. This foam is encapsulated within the resin cover, thus protecting it from moisture and the harsh chemical vapor barrier that forms between the water’s surface and the underside of covers.

  • Tested to hold over 1,000 lbs.
  • Fully insulated for efficient heat retention
  • Easy for an adult to open…but not a child
  • Won’t take on water weight, odor or mold • Limited Lifetime Warranty!
  • Minimal view obstruction

Durasport Cover and StepShown with Optional Titan Cover and Steps

Rio MSRP $3499

Antigua MSRP $3999

G-2L Luxury
G-2L LuxryMSRP $4999

Antigua Optional Ice Bucket and Tray

Optional Ice holder and Tray

CyprusCyprus CobbleMSRP $3799


G-2B Luxury
G-2B LuxuryMSRP $4999

G-6 Luxury
Durasport G-6 LuxuryMSRP $5299

JetsSeats) Seating styleDimensions (in)
VoltagePumpsLightsWaterfallOzoneTitan™ HardCover
Rio11 SS4-5) Captain’s Chairs70.25 x 70.25 x 29.5h ,
222 gallons
120V/240V2BHP 2-spdUnderwater LEDN/AReadyN/A
Cypress14 SS3-4) Single Lounger71 X 61.5 X 29.5h
216 gallons
120V/240V2BHP 2-spdUnderwater LED6” LEDReadyN/A
Antigua20 SS5-6) Captain’s Chairs80.5 x 80.5 x 34.5h
270 gallons
120V/240V5BHP 2-spdUnderwater LED6” LEDReadyN/A
G-2L Luxury28 SS6) Captain’s Chairs + Lounger74.5 x 74.5 x 32h
300 gallons
120V/240V or 240V2BHP 2-spd or 4BHP 2-spdUnderwater LED + 8 LED Points2 LED Water ColumnsInc.Available Option
G-2B Luxury28 SS7) Captain’s Chairs74.5 x 74.5 x 32h
300 gallons
120V/240V or 240V2BHP 2-spd or 4BHP 2-spdUnderwater LED + 8 LED Points2 LED Water ColumnsInc.Available Option
G-6 Luxury33 SS6) Captain’s Chairs + Lounger84 x 84 x 34h
310 gallons
240V4BHP 2-spdUnderwater LED + 11 LED PointsCascadeInc.N/A