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Inexpensive operation, Priceless design

The Hampton Collection of cast iron biomass pellet stoves and inserts combine all of the best features of traditional cast iron with the latest developments in alternative fuel technology.
Able to burn wood pellets, corn, wheat and barley they offer maximum heat efficiencies for very cost effective home heating. Low maintenance, High performance

The Hampton pellet stove and insert feature the most impressive pellet flame in the industry supported by a patent pending low maintenance burner that requires less cleaning and high heat efficiency.

  • Ability to burn a variety of biomass pellet fuels – high grade to low grade wood, corn, wheat and barley pellets
  • Durable cast iron exterior prOVides both beauty and radiant heat
  • Most impressive pellet flame in the industry
  • EPA Certified
  • Low maintenance burner with agitator rod in the burn pot
  • Reduced cleaning intervals compared to other pellet stoves
  • Quick start automatic (400 watt) ignitor with air pump 300 CFM convection fan
  • Quietest pellet stove in the industry (40 – 45 dB at 10`ft. away)
  • Decorative and durable fluted cast iron firebox liner (GC60 only)
  • Standard wall thermostat
  • Concealed, easy-to-use controls with Tri-mode operating system (Manual – Hi/La – Auto/Off)
  • Advanced air wash system f~r cleaner glass
  • Mobile home approved
  • Digital wall thermostat or remote control
  • Ceramic one piece log set
  • Hampton pellet stove/insert have been approved for mobile home installations once certain criteria are met

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