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Clearwater Spas has the best hot tub features.

Salt water system sanitizes spa water naturally.

Salt System | Optional Feature

Purify water with less maintenance. The optional Salt System is a natural water purification system that helps to reduce the amount of chemicals needed and water changes. This system allows you to create the exact amount of sanitizer needed to maintain crystal clear water.

Control your spa from your mobile smart device.

Control your Clearwater spa from anywhere in the world.

CONTROL YOUR SPA: In your backyard • In your house • In your office • Any Wi-Fi hotspot • Any 3G/4G data network • From your computer • From your smart phone • From your smart tablet

Now you can control your spa system wirelessly over your home internet network connection from anywhere in the world! Clearwater Spas optional Wi-Fi Module can make this happen with a few simple connections and some additional hardware. To download the software, go to the Apple Apps store and download the free spa app, run through the quick setup and you’re done.

Stay young and reduce wrinkles with MicroSilk®

MicroSilk® Skin Therapy | Optional Feature on Beachcraft Series

Stay young and reduce wrinkles with MicroSilk®.

Renew your appearance, revitalize your body and re-energize your life. MicroSilk® for Spas exclusively by Balboa.

Hydrotherapy, re-imagined.

Water is a fundamental force of the universe. As humans we are mostly made up of water. Early civilizations were founded on proximity and access to water. Our planet is mostly water. Water is power. Water is beauty. Water is life. As a result we are dedicated to innovation and changing the ways you interact with water while at the same time bringing exciting new technological innovations and approaches to hydrotherapy. Look younger. Feel better. Increase your happiness, all with MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy for Clearwater Spas Beachcraft Series by Balboa Water Group.